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Gaydock, the latest and most complete network of guys. FREE!

Gaydock, the latest and most complete network of guys. FREE!
Do you want to meet men but do you get bored of some other websites because they are all the same? We offer you more: Search for the person you like and chat directly with him, no more need to exchange msn or skype, read the latest news about the gay community, check pictures and like or dislike them, participate in contests and win great prizes , check out some videos, get informed about the latest trends, and (coming soon) consult our directory of gay friendly companies and the best travel tips and places. You can access the website as well from your computer or tablet at home and check out easily profiles from your lazy chair, but you can download also the app to your mobile device and access it when you are on the road, travelling for work or business. You will be able to find men based on location, and our website or app will show you how far you can find same-minded guys from you. You will know the distance to other users, but without knowing where exactly they are. We thought that indicating specific locations of each of you on a map could infringe your privacy so we decided not to show that. If you like eachother you can exchange your location, but that is up to you. We won't ask you to fill our large questionnaires, just some basic questions to be able to define a search.. if you want to know more from the other person, just ask him and have great conversation. Found somebody you like but he's away ? than send him a message and he will get it later. If he's online you can use the instant chat with cam if you want. If you are a bit shy you can send also private virtual presents that later can be exchanged to real presents! The other guy will definately be happy with it! We will do our best to offer you a perfect service, easy to use and discreet. You can put a face pic or you can stay anonymous and to keep it all decent and accessible for everybody, we'd prefer not to have nude pictures visible on the profiles, but of course you can send your more intimate images as private pictures. Pictures can be voted and the most voted ones get great prizes! So,get started, create a profile, give it a name, upload at least one photo, answer some questions if you want, and get started... check out profiles, read the news, participate in contests, win prizes, see some videos, ( prepare some tissues to clean up the mess afterwards), download the app for your mobile and take us with you everywhere... you won't get bored! You can see that we have big aims but please give us some time to grow! we want the best site to help you to find great guys, Where everybody feels comfortable. if you like the site, tell your friends about it and soon we will be everywhere in the world. For now we will start in english and spanish and later on we will translate the site to other languages. We hope to become the largest network of gay, bisexual and bicurious men! We hope you will find soon a new dat, buddy, friend or husband on our site!

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